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LettuceOrganize®LLC is for anyone needing organization in their home or workplace. Our service will help you succeed in your daily life by providing solutions to your organizational needs.

Lettuce Organize® LLC is a unique service, providing solutions to all client's organizational needs for a healthy life. Lettuce Organize® LLC will increase customer's appreciation of time and organization to provide them with a less stressful and healthy lifestyle.

Lettuce Organize® LLC has become a recognized service of organizing people's homes and or workplaces giving them more time to enjoy doing what makes them happy. Lettuce Organize® LLC works to provide complete satisfaction to our customers through a tailored plan to meet their organizational needs.

Lettuce Organize® LLC provides quick and easy solutions to take away unorganized chaos and empowers you to live to your potential.

Lettuce Organize® LLC has added a new service line of business to their company. Lettuce Organize® LLC now cleans your home or office so you can now have the “Shine” along with your organized life.℠

Lettuce Clean℠ only uses products that are safe and no harsh chemicals are used. The majority of products used come from Melaleuca, The Wellness Company. An environmentally responsible and effective way to keep your home clean and fresh. Gentle, biodegradable cleaning agents, contains no harsh chemicals and requires no child-proof caps.

Melaleuca is making it possible for more and more families to live clean by providing safer, more effective products.

Melaleuca products feature biodegradable ingredients like thyme oil to disinfect surfaces, citric acid to remove hard water

stains, enzymes to clean dishes, and cleaners to gently release tough stains




Lettuce Clean℠ can shine your way to a healthy life!℠

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