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About Lettuce Organize®  

Downsizing? Need to Declutter? Organizing? Need a Professional? Looking for the Organizer Near Me?

Lettuce Organize®  is a unique service, providing solutions to all client's organizational needs for a healthy life. Lettuce Organize®  will increase customer's appreciation of time and organization to provide them with a less stressful and healthy lifestyle.


Lettuce Organize®  has become a recognized service of organizing people's homes and or workplaces giving them more time to enjoy doing what makes them happy. Lettuce Organize® works to provide complete satisfaction to our customers through a tailored plan to meet their organizational needs.


Lettuce Organize® provides quick and easy solutions to take away unorganized chaos and empowers you to live to your potential.

Our Founder

"I help people sort through their dreams, disappointments, regrets, happiness & reality and offer peace of mind."

Business Consultant, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified. A Professional Organizer is working with business partners, clients, and employees to identify continuous improvement opportunities in the home or office and provide solutions to organizational needs for a healthy lifestyle.

Rosetta is the Founder of Lettuce Organize®, a recognized service organizing people's homes and workplaces in the Chicagoland area.

She is skilled in organizational assessment and planning, workflow analysis, process mapping, home organizing, decluttering, and assisting with the chronic disorganization of others.

Our Mission 

Lettuce Organize® LLC’s mission is to provide solutions to its customers' organizational needs in their homes or businesses.  Lettuce Organize® is a unique service and works one-on-one with clients, customizing each step. Lettuce Organize® LLC’s competitive edge is how it works with its customers to gain an understanding of their organizational needs and provide these life-changing habits to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Mission Statement
     Short Version

Provide solutions to its customer's organizational needs so they can enjoy today.

Short Version
Time Savers

Lettuce Organize LLC                Values

Loving what we do


Exceptional Service to our customers

Talented staff


Time savers


Understanding to our customers


Caring for our customers


Easy to work with

Vision Statement

Lettuce Organize® LLC customizes to their client’s organizational needs. It will develop a line of tools, accessories, and equipment required to organize these places or processes to the customer’s specifications.

Lettuce Organize® LLC distinguishes itself from other similar competition by the customized plan designed for each client. Lettuce Organize® LLC will not hold an inventory of products, so its customers may use Lettuce Organize® LLC’s suggestions or bring in their product ideas.

Lettuce Organize will build valuable partnerships with other organizations that may assist with services Lettuce Organize® LLC does not provide as a convenience to its customers.

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