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Turning Your Garage Into the Ultimate Family Rec Room

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Giving your younger family members a place to blow off steam and let out a bit of extra energy can be a great way to keep everyone happy at home. And when it comes to having a good place for these at-home activities, there are few better ideas than the classic rec room. Having a dedicated space for relaxation, creativity, and play is a smart way to give your youngsters a place of their own, but sometimes there just aren’t enough rooms in the house to do this comfortably.

When you’re lacking the square footage to create the rec room you’ve always dreamed of, there’s an alternative solution that many homeowners have been turning to lately: the garage. While it might not be ready to go right away, putting a bit of work into your garage can not only make it possible for you to create the ultimate family rec room, but you might even add real estate value onto your house in the process. Take a look at these tips from Lettuce Organize on how to make it happen.

Hiring a professional organizer is a smart way to convert your garage into a rec room or other type of functional space. To take the stress out of the transition, contact Lettuce Organize to get going on your project!

Clear Out the Space Completely

Your first step in converting your garage to a rec room is going to involve making sure you have enough room; typically, this will involve clearing everything out of your garage. Many homeowners use their garage for storage, so you might want to look into contacting a moving company to help you relocate some of the larger items you might be keeping out there. Look online for deals on movers, and read reviews so you can be sure that you’re hiring a company of repute.

Once you’ve found someone to help you get everything moved out of your garage, you’re going to need to find a place to put it. A storage unit can help with this, and many of them even offer massive discounts on your first month or two. A self-storage unit can be a perfect way to store all the stuff you’ll have to move out of your garage.

If you don’t like the idea of an off-site storage unit and have some room in your backyard, you could construct a steel building to serve as storage space. These types of buildings are inexpensive yet durable, don’t require much time to build, and are easy to expand if you need more room down the road.

Make It Livable

Once you’ve moved everything out of the garage and cleared the area, you’ll have to make it into a room that’s comfortable to live in. Most garages aren’t insulated, don’t have proper flooring or ceilings, and are generally not super comfortable to hang out in. Consider working with a general contractor who can help you with things like flooring and whatever else might be required to make your garage into a livable space.

Climate control is important, as well, so you will need to make sure there’s a space heater, and/or a portable AC unit for those months when the weather outside gets particularly unforgiving. Finally, you’ll want to make sure there are plenty of cupboards, cubbies, and other places for storage, so everything can be kept in its proper place.

Wire It Up

Among the last steps that will go into turning your garage into an awesome rec room are the ones that involve getting it all wired and properly connected. Since many garages aren’t wired for the kind of electrical load that a rec room might demand, it could be smart to research getting an electrical service upgrade.

You’ll also need to consider wiring phone and internet service out to the garage, as most of them aren’t set up for this. Speak to your provider about what the cost of running a line out to the garage might entail. Something as simple as a range extender can help you out with the internet in your new rec room.

Make It Cozy

Once you’ve gotten the basic bones and function of your rec room figured out, you will need to add a few things to liven up the space. One of the best ways to make any room feel like home is to add decor like wallpaper. Sites like Spoonflower offer retro removable wallpaper and several other style choices for your family to choose from. There’s something for everyone, with pieces from bold and beautiful to artsy. You can even get prepasted removable (and recyclable) wallpaper to spruce the area up. That way, you can easily change out the decor if you need to. After this, you just need to furnish the space and add any other last-minute touches.

Creating a whole new space in the house can be as much of a challenge as it is an exciting project. Either way, the results are inescapable. Giving your kids a dedicated room in which they can play and enjoy themselves is a great way to get the most out of your home. With the right amount of planning, you’ll be able to clear out the space, make it comfortable, and give it all the amenities it needs to become the ultimate rec room.

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