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Tips For Ensuring Moving Day Goes Smoothly

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Express points out that moving day can be one of the most stressful days a person can have. Fortunately, you can hire professional movers to assist you. While hiring a moving company can alleviate some of the stress, you can take steps to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Planning ahead can prevent moving nightmares and help you settle into your new home more quickly, and the following tips presented by Lettuce Organize LLC can help.

Hiring a Professional

Before moving everything yourself, consider the benefits of hiring a professional. Moving box after box after box and carrying heavy furniture in between is exhausting, even if you're in great shape, especially if there are stairs to climb.

Movers have large trucks, dollies, and a lot of hands to ensure they're lifting and moving items safely and properly. Since they're trained and well-equipped, professional movers can complete the moving process much more efficiently than you and your friends. Many movers also offer packing services, which may be faster and more organized than your packing skills. More organized packing means easier and faster unpacking.

Keep in mind that if you and your buddy damage the doorframe of your home, you'll be stuck paying to fix it. Professional movers are extra careful, but they usually fix it or pay for the damages if damage occurs. Likewise, if you break your TV, that's on you. While professionals are less likely to break something, they do offer insurance to cover any broken items. Insurance coverage is particularly reassuring if you're also moving to accommodate your business; the last thing you want is to get to your new place and find damaged computer equipment, and you're left high and dry for the bill.

Prep Work

Before moving day, make sure you have enough boxes for your move. Scope out the new place to determine the best parking and unloading locations. You want to ensure that the movers have adequate space for the size of their truck. Also, ensure both houses have soap, paper towels, and toilet paper in the bathrooms. You could also provide drinks and snacks for movers.

To help the movers know which boxes and pieces of furniture go in which rooms, create a floor plan for the new house. Assign a number to each room, and label the boxes accordingly. On moving day (or before, if possible), label the door to each room in the house.

When you label boxes, write legibly with large numbers on the sides of the boxes. Also, provide a description of what's in the box. The labeling process benefits you when you're unpacking, so you can unpack in order of importance. Be sure to label and separate especially heavy or fragile items.

If you recruit a friend or two to help with some of these tasks, be sure to thank them in some form, whether that's feeding everyone pizza or giving out gift cards. If anyone is a sports fan, consider giving them tickets for an upcoming ballgame, whether that's tickets for the NY Yankees, the Cubs or White Sox, or the Bears if they're a football fan.

Of course, the prep work extends to your new home as well. Consider hiring a company to give it a top-to-bottom cleaning before you move in. Additionally, change the locks to your new home before you move in. You'll also want to get all your utilities set up — including your internet.

Saying Goodbye

Before leaving your old home, do a final walkthrough to ensure the house is not damaged during the moving process, and nothing is left behind. Unless otherwise noted in your contract, take everything with you, even your shower curtain and trash can. According to, your house should be thoroughly cleaned and fresh smelling. Movers can inadvertently track dirt and dust into the home, so vacuum or sweep if necessary.

Likewise, before moving all of your items into your new home, walkthrough to ensure everything is working and there is no visible damage. While you probably checked before closing, it doesn't hurt to recheck faucets, toilets, and outlets for functionality. Before the movers leave the new home, ensure everything is in the correct place and nothing is broken. Once you are satisfied, sign any final paperwork and tip your movers, especially if they did a good job.

Completely removing the stress around your moving day is impossible. However, hiring professionals can help alleviate much of the anxiety. Also, having a plan in place for yourself and the movers helps make the process even easier. You can rest assured that your items arrive quickly and safely in your new home.

Lettuce Organize LLC has become a recognized service of organizing people's homes and or workplaces giving them more time to enjoy doing what makes them happy. Reach out today and see how we can help you! 847-812-0835

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