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Spark of Joy

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

It started with my water. It was slightly smaller than the size I usually get. No matter, let’s keep moving. My phone is almost out of juice as it didn’t charge properly last night (this is humming in my head). Where to sit? Here, I need to charge my phone. Ok. We are set. I drop everything, “Keep an eye, okay?” I’m going to the bathroom. Another slight shift: typically, I wait right before boarding as he reminds me we don’t leave for over an hour.

I take my computer out, “Work, I always have work.” Knowing I am having that little tickle in

my chest. I will not acknowledge it and continue to answer emails before boarding. Breathing quietly in and out through my nose. Ignoring him, trying to figure out why they have not yet started the boarding process, he comes to tell me we are delayed. No worries, continue to keep focus on work.

It’s time, and we make our way to the almost very back of the small plane. I sit and place my

overstuffed backpack under the seat in front of me and pulled the right arm handle up so there was more room between us. The window shade is down, and I don’t dare move it as I usually leave that for him. I look around at the flight attendants and see them making jokes with the passengers, and I smile. He opens the shade and says, "Oh, let’s open this up so you can see." (in my head, check). I usually enjoy watching the take-off and landing. Though, sometimes, I am uninterested, and this is one of those times.

I scramble into my purse to locate my headphones, put them on, and into my charged phone; I open my CALM app to listen to the Coastline at Sunset in the background of everything else.

I patiently wait for the pilot to announce, “Flight Attendants, take your seats as we are ready for take-off.” I interlock my arm into his and start playing Solitaire on my phone. Feeling the airplane lift from the ground, knowing it will have bumps and sways until we reach the altitude above the clouds. Breathing again once I hear the carts of the flight attendants bringing beverages throughout the aisle.

The plane begins to sway and bump, and it is a bit unnerving as I snuggle my head into the nook of his shoulder; I begin to relax. I remember when my kids were smaller and would get nervous when turbulence was upon us. I would tell them to have faith, as God was wrapping them up in a blanket, safe and snug.

Racing thoughts in my head, I am with the one I love, and I know I have told my kids how much I love them and am proud of who they have become. I also begin to think of what I am grateful for. Interestingly, my grateful list has grown so much as I get older that there isn’t enough paper.

Again, I hear the pilot instruct the flight attendants to prepare for landing, and soon after, I feel the landing gear pop. I glance out the window and see we are approaching. As we slightly sway from side to side, you can feel the wheels hit the pavement to a quick stop. As we taxi to our final destination, I look at my husband and thank him for the lovely getaway he planned for us.

We make our way to the baggage claim area, and I seem to have a little skip to my step. We pass a typical O’Hare Airport stern-faced security guard, and our eyes briefly meet; he gives me a wink, and it warms my soul, for he must see the tiny spark of joy I found on this flight.

Looking forward to helping my clients find their little Spark of Joy is what I love to do! To help them find new healthy habits, bring calm to their chaos, or to remember to take time for themselves.

Here is the one takeaway from today’s blog. Before you close your eyes tonight, write one thing you are grateful for and sleep on it. You may find that is all you need to get that extra Spark of Joy and add a little skip to your step.

Rosetta is an experienced Business Consultant, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified. A Professional Organizer is working with business partners, clients, and employees to identify continuous improvement opportunities in the home or office and provide solutions to organizational needs for a healthy lifestyle. Rosetta is the Founder of Lettuce Organize®, a recognized service organizing people's homes and workplaces in the Chicagoland area. She is skilled in organizational assessment and planning, workflow analysis, process mapping, home organizing, decluttering, staging, and assisting with the chronic disorganization of others.

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