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Simple Tips for Turning Your Garage into a Home Office

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These days, more and more people are turning their garage into a home office. The reason is pretty simple: it’s a cost-effective way to have a dedicated work area that’s separate from your main living space. Rather than adding on to your home, which comes at a high cost, you can take advantage of the space your garage provides and use it for more than storing your tools and seasonal clothing. And the separation from your living quarters can go a long way in helping you stay focused and productive.

With that said, converting your garage into a home office still requires an investment of time, energy, and money. Lettuce Organize presents a few key tips to keep in mind throughout the process.


As with any home renovation project, the first thing you want to do when converting your garage into an office is to clean thoroughly. It’s hard to envision the design of your office when the space is cluttered with junk. Go through everything in the garage and determine what items you want to keep. Then, decide whether to trash, recycle, donate, or sell each of the other items. While you’re at it, give the garage a deep cleaning from the ceiling to the walls to the floors.

Organizing and cleaning a garage can be a major undertaking. If you’d like some extra help, book an professional organizer from Lettuce Organize!

Make sure the garage is well-sealed.

Make sure all doors and windows are well-sealed so that you’re comfortable during cold and hot months. Also, consider adding insulation to help regulate the temperature of the space. If you want to take it a step further, put up drywall, which not only will help with temperature regulation, but also boost the attractiveness of the office.

Hook up the internet.

Chances are you will need an internet connection in your garage office. While you could hire a professional to come in and extend your Wi-Fi from your home, that can get pricey. A more cost-effective solution might be to put in a hotspot device (e.g., jetpack, global modem) that allows you to access the internet from your cell phone data. This is an especially good option if you already have unlimited data, but even if you have to increase your data, it could be a worthwhile investment. Ask your provider how much it would cost, and research whether you would be able to write off some of the cost as a business expense.

Choose the flooring.

Most garages come with a concrete floor. When treated or finished, these floors can be some of the most appealing floors on the market, which works out in your favor when it comes to saving time, energy, and money. Nonetheless, some people prefer a more traditional floor type in their office, such as vinyl floors or carpet. As long as you have quality flooring, you can’t go wrong. It really just depends on what kind of aesthetic you envision for the office.

Finish strong.

Finally, you will want your office to look good and provide a comfortable place for customers/clients to visit. Consider painting the walls bright neutral colors (e.g., white, gray, cream) to make the space feel more open. Make sure you have adequate lighting and a quality desk and chair that you like, and think of any other furniture you may need to finish the space (e.g., small sofa, armchair, coffee table). Moreover, add some personal touches like art, family photos, and other decor.

Take extra steps if you’re running a home business.

If you’re working solely from home, you’ll want to ensure that your state and local government agencies will allow you to accomplish this legally. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that your neighborhood will allow for this type of business to exist.

You will also want to consider establishing an LLC in Illinois in order to separate your business and personal assets to create a strong foundation for expansion of your business. Registering your business properly is key to making sure that you can enjoy the tax flexibility of an LLC.

You will also want to create a business plan in case your growing business prospects require a bigger space in the future. Establishing your home business is a convenient process with the help of a business service professional.

If you need a home office where you can focus and be productive, converting your garage might be the best way to go. Thoroughly clean the garage out, make sure it’s temp-controlled, and look into using a hotspot device for internet connection. Choose the best kind of flooring for your needs and budget, and put your personal touch on the space through furnishing and decorating. Before you know it, you’ll have yourself an awesome office you can be proud of.

Need some extra support organizing your space to set up a home office? Reach out to the skilled organizers at Lettuce Organize today!

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