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How to Settle Into Your New Home and Life

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

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If you've just made a significant move, you're probably feeling more than a little unsettled. Everything is up in the air, scattered all over, and almost entirely disorganized. You may not even be sure how to connect with people in your new city. If this sounds like your current situation, read on for some ideas about how to settle into your new home and life from Lettuce Organize.

Moving Tips

Believe it or not, the process of settling into your new home starts with preparing for the move itself. Pack with an eye to how you plan to unpack at your destination. Label each box carefully with a brief description of what's in it and the room it belongs in. Have your movers put each box in the correct room. Also, take pictures to remember how to reassemble furniture and what belongs in various cupboards and drawers. Doing this can save time later.

Organizing Your New Home

As you begin the unpacking process, start with the basics first so that each family member has a place to sleep and you can prepare simple meals. Then tackle one room at a time, setting up furniture, unpacking boxes, and referring to your photographs so that you remember where everything goes. Work systematically and calmly from room to room, and ask for patience from your family, assuring them that everything may be back to normal soon.

If you want to leave it to professional organizers, reach out to Lettuce Organize to optimize your new home space for neatness and efficiency.

Exploring Your New Area

If you want to take a break from unpacking for a while, you can begin exploring your new area. Start by taking a walk in your new neighborhood or a drive to a nearby shopping area. Grab a snack at a local restaurant along the way. Also, make a list of places you want to visit in your new city and take the time to explore a couple each week. Pretty soon, you're likely to find your way around and develop a list of favorite spots.

Finding former classmates to reconnect with is an excellent idea if you're moving back to your hometown. You can use online tools to find familiar names—type in the school name and graduation year to find a host of people you may not have seen in years!

Meeting New People

When you're busy with unpacking, family responsibilities, and working, it can be hard to meet new people, but this is definitely part of settling into your new home. Focus on your specific interests, and look for groups or clubs to join. If you're an avid reader, visit the library or bookstore, and ask about reading groups. If you like to work out, go to a local gym. Don't neglect your new neighbors either. They can help you learn about the area and introduce you to other residents.

Adjusting Your Business

Finally, if you own your own business, be aware that moving may require some adjustments. If you've transferred from another state, read up on your new location's registration requirements and tax laws. For instance, rules and regulations vary by the state if your business is a limited liability company. To save yourself some time, hire an information service to help you file your LLC.

Enjoying Your New Life

When you've unpacked, explored your new area, met some new people, and adjusted your business, you can concentrate on simply enjoying your new life in your new home.

Author: Jim McKinley

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