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Expert Tips When Getting Commercial Cleaning Services

Consumers value cleanliness, probably more than you know. In fact, a 2017 survey suggests that 90 percent of consumers are likely to form negative opinions about a business if spaces that are for public use such as lobbies, restrooms, and lounges are not clean. Nine in 10 consumers also expressed that if they find the restroom of a restaurant unclean, they would wonder about the safety of the food served to them.

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It is then imperative to always put cleanliness at the top spot of your business’ priority list, and investing in a commercial cleaning service is definitely the way to go. Retail shops, for example, can greatly benefit from clean storefront windows and spotless mirrors in their changing rooms. A restaurant owner can assure its customers of safety and cleanliness through spic and span toilets.

Here are a few more reasons why hiring professional cleaning services is a good idea:

Equipment and Facilities. Commercial cleaning services have the tools and equipment needed to do the job. Instead of purchasing equipment one by one and one, and training staff on how to properly use them, there’s a lot of time and resources to be saved if you hire professional cleaners to do the task. This way, you are also assured that the tools are efficient and high-quality.

Skills. The staff members of professional cleaning services are well-trained, qualified, and skilled in what they do. Whether its office carpet cleaning or floor buffing, they are equipped with the necessary know-how to deliver good results in a timely manner.

Safety. Professional cleaning services use safe materials and chemicals, which will ease worries on the safety of customers and employees at all times.

What should you look for in a commercial cleaning service?

Ample Information and Testimonials. There are a lot of professional cleaning services out there. A quick Google search will pull up quite a number of businesses, so make sure to find one that is reputable and reliable. Go for ones that have a great deal of information on their website and feedback from their customers. It is also a good idea to get referrals from colleagues and friends, so you’ll get a good picture of how their services are, as well as the costs.

Proper Safety Measures. Look for a commercial cleaning service that takes safety seriously. This means that their employees are well-trained to avoid possible hazards while on the job such as radiation exposure,  ergonomic injuries, and slips and falls, to name a few.

License and Insurance Coverage. Transactions will go smoothly and properly if you are dealing with a licensed commercial cleaning service. Doing so assures you that your cleaning needs are tended to by professionals that have licenses to use proper and up-to-standard equipment. Professional cleaning services with sufficient insurance coverage assure you that in case of damages to the property caused by mistake or negligence, the cleaning service is held accountable and covers for the cost of the damages. Opt for services with Commercial General Liability Insurance and Umbrella Liability Insurance. Request for proof of insurance before closing the deal.

Specialty Services. A business thrives when it is able to focus its attention on the more important things, so leave the cleaning and other tasks to skilled professionals. Opt for professional cleaning services that also offer specialty services such as power washing, carpet shampooing, and exterior window washing. Do not hesitate to ask what other services they offer.

Reasonable rates. After narrowing down your choices for commercial cleaning services according to the aforementioned criteria, choose one that has economical rates. You want to make sure that hiring professional cleaning services won’t skew your cash flow and budget.  Directly get in touch with the company to get the most accurate information regarding their services and rates.

Keeping your business environment in pristine condition at all times is a good investment, and it takes careful research and decision-making to choose the best commercial cleaning service to avail. By taking all six items above into consideration, you will surely land on a reliable and top-quality professional cleaning service provider to work with.

Author: Lily Williams

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