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ENJOY TODAY! 10 Tips to Improve Your Every Day Life.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

People often ask me, why did I start Lettuce Organize? It was simple. I wanted to find ways I could relieve people’s stress so they could live in the moment.

Stress creeps into everyone’s lives through each experience. How each experience or interaction is handled can significantly impact the stress level one feels.

High level of stress is assured by fallen New Year's resolutions, broken diet plans, work, school, or home projects failing because the bar was set at an unachievable level or a proper plan not in place.

Once the resolutions, plans, and projects begin to fall apart, the stress is felt through the entire body. Self-doubt and negative thoughts about oneself creep in to increase your levels of stress.

Working with my clients allows me to help them find the best formula “process” to accomplish what is set and to enjoy today. Lettuce Organize social media posts consist of our employees doing what they love to do on their own time. Lettuce Organize would like to see you do what you enjoy!

Here is a list to help you be successful with resolutions, plans, and projects:

1. Keep it simple!

2. Make a routine

  • Get up earlier

  • Meditate Use an app (Headspace or Calm are some examples)

  • Clear your mind for the day ahead of you

3. Get Organized (Lettuce can help😊)

4. Create obtainable goals

  • Be sure there is a plan or steps as to how to achieve them (Lettuce can help😊)

5. Put “me time” into your schedule

  • Monday at 8 am - Have a cup of coffee in a sunny room

  • Walk through the forest preserve

  • Read a book

  • Paint

  • Run, go to the gym

  • Plan a short trip

6. Write a to-do list daily (manually or on your phone/computer)

7. Listen to music

8. Laugh

9. Write something wonderful about yourself every night before you sleep.

10. Just BREATHE

Lettuce Organize® LLC’s mission is to provide solutions to its customer's organizational needs in their homes or business. Lettuce Organize® is a unique service, and works one-on-one with clients, customizing each step. Lettuce Organize® LLC’s competitive edge is how it works with its customers to gain an understanding of their organizational needs and provide these life changing habits to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Lettuce Organize your tomorrow so you can enjoy today. ℠

Rosetta Metz Founder Professional Organizer Lettuce Organize® LLC

C 847-812-0835

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