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Decluttering Tips

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Clutter can be tough to manage, especially if your space is tight, and unflattering.

If so, you need to work with specialists to get your space organized and learn how to prevent clutter from accumulating. You need Lettuce Organize LLC®.

Trying to figure out how best-to-declutter can be a stressful process that require motivation and discipline. In the end, though, the results turn into a peaceful, easy feeling while creating an efficient, organized environment.

Here are a few tips to help start the decluttering process:

1. Choose one room

2. Designated areas for paper piles, mail, etc.

3. Clear a counter in your kitchen

4. Keep a "box" or "basket" handy and put items in that "don't have a home."

Review items weekly and return them to their proper place.

5. Keep a basket in your closet for clothes you no longer want and once the bag is full, drop off at your nearest donation box.

6. Practice "Zen" Habits by donating or tossing old items when you purchase something


Maintaining your newly organized space is now the key to creating "Trusted Habits."

It is important to make a practice of this as the article suggests and will be a key component to keeping out clutter.

This overhaul can be overwhelming, let Lettuce Organize LLC® help you through the process.

Please contact us at 847-812-0835 or to set up a FREE consultation. Visit us at for more information.

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