About Lettuce Organize® LLC

Lettuce Organize® LLC is a unique service, providing solutions to all client's organizational needs for a healthy life. Lettuce Organize® LLC will increase customer's appreciation of time and organization to provide them with a less stressful and healthy lifestyle.


Lettuce Organize® LLC has become a recognized service of organizing people's homes and or workplaces giving them more time to enjoy doing what makes them happy. Lettuce Organize®LLC works to provide complete satisfaction to our customers through a tailored plan to meet their organizational needs.


Lettuce Organize®LLC provides quick and easy solutions to take away unorganized chaos and empowers you to live to your potential.

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1-847-812-0835   |   info@lettuceorganize.com

Rosetta Metz

Founder Business Consultant Professional Organizer Stager Rosetta is an experienced Professional Organizer working with business partners, clients and employees for over 20 years, to identify continuous improvement opportunities in the organization of the home and office providing solutions to organizational needs for a healthy lifestyle. Rosetta is very excited to focus purely on you at Lettuce Organize®LLC for a Very Exceptional Experience. Its what we LOVE to do!